Hi I'm Sagar, a User Experience Designer

I enjoy taking interesting complex problems and providing simple intuitive solutions.

Fidelity Investments

User Experience Design Intern Summer 2018.

Worked on humanizing the experience of managing finances for millennials just entering the work force.

Analyzed current pain points users faced with enrolling in extended hours and digitized experience which will lead
to a decrease in call volume and overall financial costs.

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Estrovera Product Website

Lead User Experience Designer
May 2017 - Sept 2017

Designed Estrovera product website to help patients and practitioners learn about product and become affiliated.

Created customer journeys and sitemaps by interviewing client and researching competitors, which gave a better understanding of how the different stakeholders would use the website.

Developed clickable prototypes using inVision including a mobile responsive version and demoed to agile team.
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UMass Amherst - Project RAISE, $3 Million Funding by NSF 

UX Designer
Feb 2018 - Present

Project RAISE aims to build an iPad ecology textbook app for incarcerated students.

Designing several engaging activities for incarcerated youth to stimulate interest/learning and assisted in facilitating user testing sessions.

Improved simulator experience to teach students about abiotic/biotic factors and how they effect the ecosystem as a whole.

Redesigned Path Builder activity where students can create interactive food webs to learn how different nodes connect with one another.

Designed movie player that allows students to create visual presentations about different topics in ecology and careers.

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Product Designer
Dec 2017 - Sept 2018

Piccles is a collaborative art drawing platform where users can color to alleviate anxiety/stress. You then become an artist that's part of a cultivating community.

Worked on onboarding process, ran user testing, incorporating gamification, and product vision strategy.

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